We welcome your application for admission to our school.
Please note, Registrations are now open for the academic session 2020-21. The admission for grades Pre kg, Lkg and grade 3 are over for academic year 2020-21. The admission for remaining grades are open on a first come first serve basis.
Please note that the details mentioned (Religion, Caste and Annual Income) in point number VI, VIII, XXXIV,XLIII and LIII are required for submission to Statutory authorities only.
We request you to fill in all the fields in the form.
Following are the mandatory documents to be uploaded to complete the registration form.
1. Scanned copy of the birth certificate
2. Latest passport size photograph
3. Previous academic records
4. Copy of Aadhar card for all the Indian residents.
For all intents and purposes consent of the primary contact is mandatory including but not limited to excursions,extra curriculur activities,change in the details submitted,bonafide,Transfer Certificate etc.
Once the form is filled with the details ,please proceed with the application fee payment through the payment gateway option and then press "SUBMIT". A detailed mail will reach you with the registered enquiry number to the mail id provided by you.Request you to use only Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the registration process.
To know about our admission process for 2019-2020 click here and for 2020-2021 click here.

I) Academic Year in which admission is sought *
II) Name of child *                                                               
III) Gender *                     IV) Date of Birth *       Click      V) Age*       
(Note: admissions to Pre Kg, LKG and UKG will be subject to fulfilling the age eligibility criteria.)
VI) Religion *                 VII) Nationality *             VIII) Caste *  
IX) Aadhar Card Number (compulsory for all the Indian residents)
X) EMIS Number (Applicable from UKG onwards)
XI) Address *
XII) Primary Contact Name *
XIII) Relationship *
XIV) Primary Contact Number *
XV) Primary Email Id *
XVI) Secondary Contact Name *
XVII) Relationship *
XVIII) Secondary Contact Number *
XIX) Secondary Email Id *
XX) Details of Previous School(s) *
XXI) Languages commonly spoken at home *
XXIV) Grade to which admission is being solicited *
XXV) Preferred Second Language (Grades 2-8 only) *
(Note:kindly enter Second Language followed in the previous school)
XXII) Curriculum *
XXIII) Academic Stream *
XXVI) Please state who is responsible for the child *
FATHER'S INFORMATION ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

XXVII) Father's Name *
XXVIII) Nationality *
XXIX) Designation*
XXX) Education*
XXXI) Area of Work*
XXXII) Email*
XXXIII) Mobile No.*
XXXIV) Annual Income*
XXXV) Office Address
MOTHER'S INFORMATION ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

XXXVI) Mother's Name *
XXXVII) Nationality *
XXXVIII) Designation*
XXXIX) Education*
XL) Area of Work*
XLI) Email*
XLII) Mobile No.*
XLIII) Annual Income*
XLIV) Office Address
XLV) Is any other family member a part of APL?
GUARDIAN INFORMATION (If Applicable) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

XLVI) Guardian's Name
XLVII) Nationality
XLVIII) Designation
XLIX) Education
L) Area of Work
LI) Email
LII) Mobile No.
LIII) Annual Income
LIV) Office Address
OTHER INFORMATION ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

LV) How did you come to know about APL?*
Newspaper Ads Hoardings Magazines Friends Google Others
LVI) Why do you want your child to be educated at APL? *
LVII) Please specify any special academic, behavioural, psychological or physical needs of the child that may have been observed or assessed earlier:
UPLOAD DOCUMENTS ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Upload the documents here – (birth certificate, latest passport size photograph, previous academic records, Adhaar Card and any other document to support special academic, behavioural, psychological or physical needs of the child)
1. Birth certificate *
2. Passport size photo *
3. Academic records *
4. Any other document
5. Valid Passport and Visa copy (Applicable only for foreign national)
6. Adhaar card (compulsory for Indian residents)
FEE DETAILS ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Registration Fee
We confirm that all details, documents, reports, and records submitted regarding the applicant are true.
Disclaimer: If you are found to misrepresent any fact in the form, suitable consequences, financial or otherwise will be applicable.